Sectional Issues And Its’ Impact On American Society. Sectional

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Sectional Issues and Its’ Impact on American Society
Sectional issues have been dealt within American society since the colonial era, where various groups would try to out-resource one another in the hopes of not only survival but in hopes of profit. However, in the sectional issues of 1844-1860, the conflicts presented continue to exist to modern times while simultaneously changing the overall perspective of what it means to be an American. The freedom of slaves was still in question by the end of the era of turmoil, even though that was the key issue disputed. Issues over a balance of slaveholding states and abolition states was also a continuous struggle. Both of these issues had endured far too much compromise-there needed to be a …show more content…

This fiery excerpt serves as evidence that the sectional issues were indeed not cured by a haphazard compromise. In fact, the wound that was a divided Union would never be cured by a compromise. It was time for change. Although without proposing a solution, Senator Daniel Webster also agreed it was time for change, at least in such a way that would create a balance once again, but without tearing the Union apart. He did this by writing, “I hear with pain and anguish the word ‘secession’, especially when it falls from the lips of those who are eminently patriotic, and known to the country, and known all over the world for their political services. Secession! Peaceable secession! Sir, your eyes and mine are never destined to see that miracle...I hold the idea of a separation of these states-those that are free to form one government and those that are slaveholding to form another-as a moral impossibility. We could not separate the states by any such line if we were to draw it. We could not sit down here today and draw a line of separation that would satisfy any five men in the country.”(Document 1). Again, the issue of slavery and slaveholding states was weighing a massive burden on the nation, and compromises such as the Compromise of 1850 were simply no longer going to work. There needed to be a definitive solution, and unfortunately, that solution was found through war after the era of deep rooted sectional disputes “ended”.

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