Securing the Crime Scene Essay

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When the call comes in that a crime has been committed, the police are dispatched to the crime scene. When the police arrive on scene, they need to take control by apprehending any suspects and looking for witnesses/victims. If the scene is not safe, the first responders must secure the area. If anyone is hurt, they should call for medical personnel as soon as possible. The first police officer on scene is usually in charge until a criminal investigator arrives on scene. Depending on the crime committed, the crime scene could be as small as the interior room of a building or as large as the whole neighborhood. The whole crime scene area needs to be secure so that evidence is not tampered with by anyone. The police officer in …show more content…

(Lushbaugh, and Weston, 2011). This is very crucial information to note so that the pictures can be distinguished and easier to identify. Sketches are also made along with the photographs that were taken. This is done to make the crime scene as realistic as possible. The sketch is of the crime scene as a whole and includes exact measurements of how far the evidence was from certain points inside the crime scene, how far it was away from the door (if the crime scene was inside a home), etc. Apart from sketches, video documentation of a crime scene may also be kept (Layton, 2005). This helps to put all the pieces of the crime scene together so it can be better understood. When we got a call that a crime was committed on September 27th 2011, we got dispatched to the scene. We arrived at 2:58PM. The crime was committed in a closet in the McCormick building of the first floor. We took action and cordoned off the scene from bystanders/media/etc. There was a middle aged Caucasian man who had been stabbed to death. The male had 5 stab wounds: two of them were on the lower chest on each side, two of them were up on the upper chest on each side, and the final and most likely deadly wound was that his neck was sliced. He was wearing tan khaki pants with a blue button down long sleeve shirt. There was a lot of cash found at the scene as well as a gun; more specifically a

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