Security Threats Of Small Business Accounting

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Security Threats to Small Business Accounting

Small business accounting becomes increasingly difficult for owner/operators to handle personally or delegate to untrained employees. As your business grows, accounting becomes more complex, and savvy business owners often consider hiring a professional accounting service instead of one or more employees to do the work. There are many advantages to doing so that include generating tax savings, ensuring that reports are filed correctly and on time and getting guaranteed service when an accountant or bookkeeper becomes incapacitated.

However, the biggest advantage of hiring professionals is their ability to identify and prevent common security threats. Hiring professional accountants and certified computer security specialists helps to prevent many common digital threats. When even the smallest hack or breach is discovered or suspected, take advantage of fraud alerts and business identity protections services. Remain security conscious, and make security practices an essential condition of employment for your staff. The following categories of threats are easily overlooked but easy to remedy with forethought and safe practices.

1. In-House Threats
Internal security risks include both deliberate and unintended breaches. Disgruntled workers can generate dangerous threats, especially members of your IT team. Rogue employees can sell confidential information or computer access to competitors, steal money through embezzlement and

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