Self Evaluation In James Gatz's The Great Gatsby

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Self-Evaluation You must first ask yourself if you truly want to change. You have to realize that you want more for your life than the boring rut you may be stuck in. The awareness that you must change may be a difficult step to accomplish, however, it is the most necessary. In The Great Gatsby, James Gatz was the son of “shiftless and unsuccessful farmers”. He quickly realized that he wanted more to his life, than to continue the family farm in North Dakota. Soon enough, he had left his family to experience new things that could not be attained in the Midwest.
Create a vision for your future To create a vision for the future means to have an idea of the type of person you’d like to be. This can assist you in your attempt to reinvent yourself. Along with having a view of the person you’d like to be, you also have to have a clear view of the person you are now. This goes along with the self-evaluation step which is necessary to know who you are as a person. This vision must be clear and precise to truly help you pursue your hopes and dreams.
Having a clear vision of your ultimate goal makes everything you do have a purpose and impact on your life. Without a vision, you are just going through the motions, without making any changes. On that note, that makes every decision you make even more important. Obviously there will be setbacks and mistakes made, but the decisions you make become vital to the growth as a reinvented person.
James Gatz decided to reinvent himself starting with a whole new identity. “Jay Gatsby” became the person that “sprang from the Platonic conception of himself.” Jay Gatsby came to life out of the spur of the moment. Gatz had suddenly introduced himself as Jay Gatsby. He didn’t think the dreams he had for himself could be completed by the “old” him, and “to this conception, he was faithful to the very end.”
Find a mentor Mentors give you the advantage of learning from someone else’s mistakes. They share the experiences they went through to get to where they are today. By learning about the mistakes and experiences, you no longer need to waste your time. Having a good mentor allows you to find the best and easiest way to almost anything. Along with the lessons, mentors can also

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