Seneca College Of Kings City Conservation Area Essay

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Seneca College King city

Kings city conservation area has been donated to Seneca college by a family. The is covered with dense trees and huge lake. Variety of outdoor recreational activities have been offered by the management looking after the area.
The conservation area has been well maintained by the management. the surroundings are peaceful and kept clean. The management is utilizing the resources to generate revenue and at the same time promoting physical activities among the community.
A general orientation is provided by the management to the participating groups who booked their canoeing/kayaking trips with them. Mere two staff are responsible for looking after a group of students.
The staff seems knowledgeable; they provide the brief overview of the entire activity beforehand to all of the participants. For the canoeing trip, they assisted patrons on how to place canoe in the water to how position themselves in the canoe.
Analysis of outdoor leadership skills observed
Team work
Many of the games were incorporated into the trip that were meant for team building activities.

Hardwood hills
Mesmerizing rolling trails across the pine and hardwood forest, the 80 km mountain biking trail at hardwood hills reel in hundreds of participants each year. Variety of other entertaining activities have also been incorporated along mountain biking to improve participants experience.
The management of Hardwood Hills is a team of experienced

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