Senior Living Research Paper

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Senior Living, McKinney, TX: Social Media for Elders If your senior loved one requires assistance for senior living in McKinney, TX, Comfort Keepers is your answer. In addition to the standard services such as personal care, transportation, light housekeeping, laundry, companion care, etc., Comfort Keepers provides both common and proprietary technology services. While many of these services focus on safety, such as fall detectors and medication reminders, social media support is also an important component of senior care. Many seniors feel increasingly lonely and disconnected. They may have lost a spouse, their friends and family might have moved away, or they may have another issue hampering their ability to interact socially. Sadly, …show more content…

Lest you think that social media is too complex for seniors, the Pew Research Center notes that there are already over 50 million American seniors on Facebook, and social media goes beyond just Facebook. It also includes such useful and fun programs and apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and even Skype. In addition to helping your loved one sign-up and open their social media accounts, Comfort Keepers senior living staff in McKinney, TX, will also provide your loved one with ideas on how to maximize their social media use and teach them to be safe online. Social media apps like Facetime and Skype can allow your senior loved one to participate in family events even when they are far away. Simply set up the computer or laptop by the campfire, at the dinner table, or bring it to the school concert. Social media is also a great way to interact with friends while challenging the brain. Interactive games like Words with Friends are great ways to socialize and learn. Other games are not as mentally stimulating but just as fun. If your loved one has trouble getting online or faces a physical or cognitive impairment, a care provider can assist them with the physical details. They can even post and read posts for them. There are more seniors on social media than ever before. If your senior loved requires assistance for senior living in McKinney, TX, and is not fully utilizing social media, Comfort Keepers staff can work with them to remedy this

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