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Everything You Need To Know About Your Dog's Sense of Smell

One of the distinct characteristics of dogs is their powerful sense of smell. That is what makes them extraordinarily special. However, when you go out for a jog or a walk with your dog, sometimes you encounter some conflicts because your dog tends to sniff in a direction where you might be probably going in the opposite direction. So, what is it about their sense of smell? What makes them rely mostly on their sense of smell rather than be like humans who mostly make use of their sense of sight?
Just by sniffing, they become aware of what kind of things there are and where they are located. At the same time, they are able to determine if there is perfect mate just on the other …show more content…

Dogs are able to recall objects, people, or situation just by using their sense of smell. Although we also sometimes associate a particular scent with a certain person or event, dogs mostly rely on their sense of smell which allows them to determine so many things around them. Imprinting odor is their way learning how to identify human remains, bombs, or narcotics which could take us hours or days before we could be able to find out for ourselves. Dogs are trained to search for these. And of course, no training can be as successful without any doggie treat after every successful task.

Interesting Facts and Truths
More than just cuddly little creatures, your dog’s sense of smell works wonders. Here are some facts:
• Dogs have the ability to detect cancer in its initial stage. Although scientists have proven that cancer can have a distinguishing smell that can be detected by humans, it is only during the later stage of cancer that it is possible.
• No matter how often humans clean themselves, for dogs, humans stink.
• A very amazing fact that dogs do is being able to smell the blood glucose level of their owner. Just like in the case of Claire Moon who owns a medical detection dog that lets her know when her blood sugar level drops to 4.5 on the scale.
• A dog is able to smell invisible things. We shed dead skin every so often that it just falls off to the ground without us

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