Sentencing For Drug Offenders Should Be Lenient

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Sentencing for drug offenders can be somewhat lenient or harsh depending upon what drug was involved in the arrest and who the violator is; meaning if the violator is an adult or a juvenile. In Crime state rankings 2010: Crime across America, the percent of the population who are illicit drugs users for Virginia was 8.2%, ranking twenty-fourth on that list and the national percent was 8.1% of the population in 2007 (Morgan, K. O. L., Morgan, S., & Santos, R. B. 2010). In Crime state rankings 2011: Crime across America, the percent of the population who are illicit drug users for Virginia was 7.3%, ranking thirty-two on that list and the national percent was 8.0% of the population in 2008 (Morgan, K. O. L., Morgan, S., & Boba, R. 2011). …show more content…

Sentencing Commission, which specify that between 1998 and 2002 over 300 defendants were sentenced annually under the guideline that boosted penalties for drug activity. Tools are very limited when it comes to protecting certain locations and individuals from drug activities, there are also no specific weapons against those who sell drugs in or around drug treatment centers. To Avergun, the people that would sink that low as to target their trafficking activity at those with the least ability to resist such offers, those are the people who deserve the most severe punishment. The Department of Justice cannot and will not tolerate this conduct in America, and that is why they stands firmly behind the intent of this legislation to increase the punishment meted out to drug offenders. The Department of Justice supports mandatory minimum sentences in appropriate circumstances, of course. Mandatory minimum sentencing statues can provide a level of uniformity and predictability that regular sentencing procedures cannot. Mandatory minimum sentencing discourages certain types of criminal behavior by broadcasting the potential consequences of committing those offenses. They can also keep dangerous offenders in prison for long periods of time, thereby increasing the public’s safety. They also provide an important tool for prosecutors by providing defendants with a convincing incentive, that by cooperating with

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