Sentencing For Life Essay

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Even though there’s always going to be different opinions regarding the death penalty. I believe that the criminal should serve life in prison and pay for their crime that way. Rather than being executed because it is not really that accurate so instead of making a big deal about death penalty the government should focus on ways to prevent crimes. However the government pays more attention to what punishment the criminal will receive. In, Sentencing For Life, the author writes, In Alabama, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Edward Carnes, who headed the state's capital punishment division as assistant attorney general for many years, said that "life without parole in Alabama means just that--no parole, no commutation, no way out until the day you die, period." (Dieter 13). Life imprisonment is a more convenient way for not only society but it benefits the government too by not spending too many resources on the criminal. In, Sentencing For Life, the author states, “From all indications, America could be safer without the death penalty and would realize an enormous monetary saving as well. Judging by the crime rates in those states that have abolished capital punishment and …show more content…

As to why and how it benefits society. One of the main reasons is that it will make police officers focus on ways to prevent crimes and find the criminals. Not on going to court and taking all that time to decide how the criminal will pay for his crimes. Abolishing death penalty will be a big advantage because a lot of money and time will be saved. Anyways, there is no need in death penalty existing because it doesn’t stop or lower the murder rate. When a criminal is committing crime they don’t think about the outcome they just do. So that is not a valuable reason on why death penalty should be legal. In the end death penalty should become illegal in all the states and be replaced with alternative

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