Sentencing Models

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|Kaplan University | |Sentencing Models | |Determinate, Indeterminate, and Mandatory Sentencing | |Christopher Boone | |1/1/2012 | The nation’s sentencing model consists of three general types of sentences. These three different types are determinate, indeterminate, and …show more content…

It is at this point that the indeterminate sentencing structure becomes a sentence to the maximum term in a majority of the cases (Durling, 2006). Another issue the structure has faced is that even though it has been adopted and set into place, the early release portion of the system is seldom used (Durling, 2006). In the state of Colorado, since 1998 793 offenders have been sentenced under the program. Of those offenders, 182 were eligible for the early release program and only 2 have been granted it (Durling, 2006). Not only is this bad for the taxpayers who have to continue paying for the imprisonment and medical care of the offender, but it is also bad for the morale of the offender. In an article by Larson and Burg it states that the majority of prisoners prefer to serve time beyond their minimum sentence date in order to have a certain release date (1989). To them, having a date of release to look forward to is often easier than the uncertainty of when they may or may not be released. On the topic of deterrence, several inmates were interviewed by Larson and Burg.

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