Serco Group: Financial Analysis

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Serco Financial Analysis Company Overview Serco Group is a conglomeration of different operations with the defining characteristic that the company provides government services to institutions throughout the world. Serco employees nearly fifty thousand individuals and offers services that include such items as providing record keeping to schools and prisons, administering drivers licenses, providing administrative services to the armed forces and even providing services to CERN. Since Serco mainly targets governmental institutions, the general public is not typically familiar with the firm. One reporter referred to Serco as "the biggest company you have never heard of" (Martinson, 2006). Serco has been a long term partner for many government initiatives. In October of 2009 for example, Serco launched a Government's Flexible New Deal in conjunction with the U.K. government to try to mitigate the effects of long term unemployment that erupted after the global recession (Serco, 2009). Under this deal, Serco manages job placement programs to those who are ready to enter the workforce and vocational training programs for those who do not have sufficient skills to be desirable in the employment market. It is working with government institutions with arrangements like this that account for the majority of Serco's operations. Since governments' are Serco's biggest customers, this also acts to provide a significant buffer to fluctuations in economic conditions. Investment

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