Serial Killers : A True Crime Author And Investigative Consultant-

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This series follows Lydia Strong, a woman who 's mother was murdered when she was a kid; Lydia also came home one day and found her with her throat slit from ear to ear. She helped the police catch her mother 's killer way back when. This changed who she was, and would effect her development and make her who she would become. Now, she writes about killers-working as a true crime author and investigative consultant- and has an obsession: seeing brutal killers brought to justice. Lydia has won a Pulitzer Prize for her writing about serial killers. She is also reclusive, and has the ability to see clues that other people cannot. She works with a friend that she has who used to work for the FBI named Jeffrey Mark. This man is the only friend that she has; due to the fact that she feels that if she lets herself get to close to someone, she will surely lose them. There is surely nothing about this woman that is simple; she is good at what she does but she is also flawed. You would be too if you walked in and found your mother dead at a very young age. "Angel Fire" is the first book in the Lydia Strong series by New York Times Bestselling author Lisa Misicone and was originally released in 2002 and was re-released in 2011. This is Unger 's debut novel and is set in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When three loner and drifter adults go missing, only Lydia Strong notices that they have gone missing. With the help of her friend, Jeffrey Mark (a former FBI agent), the two start their own

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