Serial Misconduct Research Paper

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Robert Wegielnik
Professor Rebecca Harris
24 April 2017

One of the biggest underlying problems in our country is our Court Systems. According to Ken Abraham, a member of the Citizens for Criminal justice group “with nearly 6.9 million Americans supervised or incarcerated within the criminal justice system, as many as five-hundred forty-eight thousand people are serving sentence for the wrong reason.” Courtrooms are devised to protect people from false convictions and plea the lives of the innocent. If these thousands of men and woman are incarcerated for no reason, who’s there to know the real criminal. How does that help our country if we convicted innocent people and leave the vicious criminals off trial? In Serial, Adnan Syed was
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According the Weiner law of Nevada, the term mistrial applies to any court case that reaches and unexpected end without returning a verdict. Juror Misconduct involves any violation of designated rules by which jurors must abide. These rules hope to have jurors only influenced by the evidence given to them in the courtroom. Prosecutorial Misconduct has more of a tie into Serial. Jay Wilds, one of the main faces in Serial, simply because of his knowledge of the whole story of the crime. Prosecutorial misconduct is the act of trying to wrongly convict a defendant. All the stories that jay had presented included flaw after flaw, possibly swaying the truth of the case. Tunnel Vison is a process of placing all possible problems in the hands of the defendant; because he seemed like he was most likely to commit the crime. Like Adnan, all the possible guilt factors were put in his place. Because he was Arab, or he was the closest possible person to Hae, since they broke up he must have been the sworn murderer. All possible outcomes are ignored, forcing the defendant to admit their…show more content…
Government officials make these acts very aggressive, sometimes making the suspect think that if they do not admit to the crime they will have a greater punishment. Guilty or not, they are made to believe they will
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