Service Area Is Schenectady And The Town Of Niskayuna Area Essay

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Service area: Ellis Hospital`s main service area is Schenectady and the town of Niskayuna area which covers a population of 150,000-200,000 people. Figures 8, 9 and 10 show the demographic distributions of the service area of Ellis Medicine.
Hospital payment: Ellis Hospital has a wide payer mix that includes Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. According to the interview with the administrator in Ellis Medicine, the percentage of uninsured has decreased after the Affordable Care Act . Ellis also works with the community organizations to decrease the number of uninsured to a minimum. Figure 11 shows the payer mix comparison between Ellis Medicine, Albany Medical Center and St. Peter`s Hospital. Ellis has the highest share of Medicare and Medicaid patients which sometimes affects their financials due to unexpected governmental cuts.
Hospital Governance: Ellis Medicine is governed by a board of trustees that represents the community and service area. The board consists of two business leaders from SI group in Niskayuna, two healthcare representatives from Home Town Health, six physicians and a nursing representative. The board is responsible for policy determination and strategic planning according to the continuous changes and business updates in the surrounding area. Figure 12 shows the medical staff organization according to the (Shi and Singh) model.

System integration: Ellis Hospital has merged with Bellevue Women Center and Saint Claire’s Hospital to become

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