Seulgi: Music Analysis

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It all started when Seulgi saw Joohyun at her eight grade for the first time. She was (forcedly, all thanks to Wendy) joining a Marching Band club at her school and got accepted immediately. Well, she is a music genius. The first time she was tested to play trumpet, she got it right after her instructor told her how to play it. Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do. Even her instructor surprised with her ability. Next, she was tested to play the percussion. Let’s just say that she was a master in percussion, and her instructor settled her down with ‘percussion leader’ and ‘main snare drum player’ as her title. Three months after her former instructor died from a car accident, her school hire 3 new instructors, and Joohyun is one of them. A new brass instructor who was 8 years and 2 months older than her. (Seulgi counted it). Being in her early teenage life she was, she couldn’t help having a crush on the brass instructor. Plus, being close to the brass instructor didn’t help either. All day mesmerized by Joohyun’s 3B. Brain, Beauty, Behaviour. Well, Seulgi …show more content…

That’s what you called Sol?! Are you guys fucking tone deaf?! We’ll do it from the beginning! I don’t wanna hear any pitchy tone from you again, Flugelhorn!” Joohyun was obviously mad at them. She sighs and stroked her hair to the back as she steps backward and gives a sign to the field commander to begin. Truth to be told, Joohyun wasn’t that bad. She’s actually a good instructor. Almost everyone in marching band loves her because of her motherly figure. One more reason why Seulgi can be that head over heels for Joohyun. But… Seulgi wasn’t that expressive with her feelings. Like right now. “Kang Seulgi?”, it was Joohyun, looking at Seulgi with concerned eyes. “Are you okay? You look red.” Joohyun said as her hand touch Seulgi’s left shoulder. It’s true that Seulgi fainted once during the practice because of over exhausted. That’s why Joohyun is so worried over her percussion

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