Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is Caused by the SARS Coronavirus

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The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), a respiratory disease caused by the SARS coronavirus, hit Hong Kong severely between February and July 2003. SARS was a new type of viral infection first recorded in China in November 2002. Capable of transmitting through direct contact with infectious respiratory droplets, the disease spread rapidly across Hong Kong when an infected doctor visited and died in Hong Kong on 23rd February, 2003. The outbreak of SARS, the first deadly epidemic of the 21st Century, started from Guangdong, a south province in China in November 2002. People in Guangdong soon got panic and rushed to shops to purchase vinegar to heat the vinegar at home and make indoor air humid and acidic. It was hindsight revealed that China’s initial response to the outbreak in Guangdong was slow and lacking transparency. WHO received the information from China about the “infection” of SARS only on February 11, 2003, three months later after the first case in Guangdong. While the international community criticized China for its lack of transparency in its initial response and attempts to tell the minimum impact of the disease, one fact remained true was that by that time no body in the world had pre-knowledge of the disease and the cause of the disease. The frustration of knowing so little about the virus, its prevention, treatment and the difficulty of distinguishing the SARS infection from other known disease infection caused diagnostic delays and took China some

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