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Would you qualify her as a female sex offender?
In my opinion, Mary Kay Leourneau was and still is a rapist, and I would qualify her has a female sex offender. Leourneau was educated and knew right from wrong, she was an elementary school teacher and she was also a respected member of society (Mary Kay Letourneau Biography 2016). Even though her marriage had problems, in no way does this make it ok for her to become involved with a child? Vili Fualaau is a victim for life; she took this kid a 13-year-old adolescent with his hormone changes and swings. At this age boys bodies are experiencing physical changes combined with mental changes, what do boys at this age think about sex. She manipulated the situation to her liking, by having him in her home and becoming friends with her son (Mary Kay Letourneau Biography 2016). I can’t even think what kind of psychological mental abuse her children had to face. She's not sick in the sense she has a psychological problem(s) from her past or her marriage, she knew exactly what she wanted and went for it.
Does the fact that she has married her victim now change anything?
Her story
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Of course, is in combination with a heterosexual nurturer, the average age of the victim is 12, she was in a mentorship role, taking Fualaau under her wings, and she was his six grade teacher (Bartol, & Bartol, 2014, p. 389). The Category of teacher - lover, is when the teacher becomes romantically involved, many of these offenders in this particular group do not recognize the psychologically abusive or damage this can cause a child (Bartol, & Bartol, 2014, p. 389). However, as I view this, Letoureau does recognize the wrongness of the situation. She chooses to ignore, recognize it or even acknowledge how inappropriate the relationship is, this is because she is a
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