Sex Without Love Poem Analysis

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Rahmat Khatoon English 1130 Essay One: Comparison of Poems Symbol and Imagery Imagery is visually descriptive or figurative language that can be used by poets in their literary work. It is a very important tool that they use in poems to convey meaning and emotion. Symbolism is the use of symbols to convey ideas and qualities. The two poems that are being compared are “Divorce” by Billy Collins and “Sex without love” by Sharon Olds. The two poems have the theme of loneliness and heartbreak. The two poems have many similarities, such as having vivid imagery. The two poems are also very direct and convey their meaning on point. Each poem uses symbolism as well, to symbolize ideas and help us relate to them. The poem Sex without love by Sharon Old’s has the theme of Loneliness and targets people who are shielding themselves from further heartbreak. The poet uses images of coldness to portray this message. In the first half of the poem, the reader does not criticize sex but rather makes it seem like a beautiful act. I thought about it like that because the tone that she used was not criticizing but rather it was conveyed very beautifully. For instance, she uses the words “beautiful dancers” and “Ice Skaters” and “Who glide” (Olds 2-4). These words are not degrading the act of love or making the act seem bad and paint a picture for the readers. Towards the middle of the poem, the poet makes a sudden transition. The poet transitions from beautiful dancers to images of

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