Sexual Assault Scandal

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In Thiel’s paper, she analyzes the article, “Campus sexual assault adjudication and resistance to reform” by Michelle J. Anderson. Thiel clearly gives the claim of the article—the act of rape is not taken serious enough. The article gives a great topic and a controversial issue in the society. And she also makes the problem more related to our lives by giving the sexual assault that happened in Baylor, which immediately takes my attention and interest to the paper. The essay has a great introduction that can attract readers and she gives a brief description for what will be discuss in the rest of the paper. Thiel’s paper’s formatting and gramma is good. For the title of the paper, Thiel put Recent Sexual Assault Scandal at Baylor University.…show more content…
In the second paragraph, she gives the evidences of the author, about how sexual assault cases are unjustly treated. There is a statement in the introduction states this article addressed how the situations should be handled, but I do not find evidences for how to handle the situations. What I find is polices did not investigate in a lot of cases, and how many cases are not run through the system immediately. In this paragraph, she states the warrants for the evidences and whether the warrants are credible, but does not put whether the warrants are explicit or implicit. In the third paragraph of the body section, Thiel gives counterarguments of herself for the issue and also refute the counterargument. In the fourth paragraph, she mentions about logos, ethos, and pathos, and what degree they are used in the article. She states the article is strongly in pathos, but the evidences she gives are mainly logos. I believe there are many pathos in the article because this topic definitely can focus on readers’ emotion, which I think Thiel should give some evidences from article that are relate to emotions. In the conclusion part, Thiel meets all the criteria according to the prompt and gives a great ending for the
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