Sharon E Watkins's Article On Racism

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The article by about racism and it polluting our society is powerful and direct. Written by Sharon E Watkins, it illustrates the struggles of being a person of colour and the freedom of being white in the US.

Racism is more than what is in the heart of an individual. Racism is was primarily active during our past history. However this is a bitter lie which people of color are fighting against. People of color are routinely and unjustifiably treated differently to white people. Stereotypes of culture, race and values have manipulated the minds of many to judge people based on their color. They cause us to react to people differently in stores, on the streets, in encounters such as between police and citizens. Some people carry their …show more content…

Children, men and women all must withstand this web of hatred and somehow survive. The education system is made harder for immigrants as it's significantly harder for immigrants to gain scholarships and student loans. In some areas of New Zealand, students are forced to pay fees while European students study for free. This racist prejudice causes divide within the community and does not allow for diversity within a social environment. Healthy nations and people depend on communication. People are scared to ask for help from others of colour. Why? how would you feel if you're restricted from meeting anyone new and having to deal with people looking away every time you say “hello”? knowing someone can show how the world spins. Not everyone should be blamed for their past, we should focus on the future and that is to remove racism from New Zealand and from people's hearts. Racism is not yet history, but we must historicise it, because its meaning is constantly being reshaped. Far from being over, racial stereotyping and making assumptions about people based on the grounds of their presumed inferiority from the perspective of white individuals is an everyday

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