Shekelhound Said That Nobody Could Survive Scrooge As He

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Shekelhound said that nobody could survive Scrooge as he was relentless in the boardroom and ultimately wanted to be president of the entire company. Shekelhound was correct as Scrooge maneuvered his way to the top of the heap laying waste to the corporate lawyer and many who had been with the company for decades. The appointment of Pan-face to be President of the Hotel Division came as no surprise to Japes. Pan-face was the definition of “a suit” from a long line of pure bread Kiva 's. A suit was a person who dresses the part, was well enough educated to converse on many different topics, was political with a lot of Brown Nose in them, and would never take a stand or support any subordinate. The truly good suits would take crap from…show more content…
The hotel computer system had been compromised and thousands of individual credit card numbers were stolen. These credit cards were used all over the world and would cost the companies tens of thousands of dollars in retribution to the actual cardholders. The Secret Service agent, who looked more like a cover girl than an agent, implied that it would be unlikely the perpetrator would actually be caught. The cyber attack was something new to the world and extremely hard to track. Japes was informed that the hotel would receive a fine, and that funds would be held in escrow in the amount of a quarter-million dollars. He didn 't realize that the company transferring the funds from the hotel to the bank would arbitrarily take the money. In essence, the hotel would receive no revenue from its credit card transactions for nearly two weeks. The hotel contracted one of the few firms in the country to come into the hotel and analyze the data breach, which in turn would then report directly to the Secret Service, the franchise, and to the credit card companies. The young four-eyed geek, who flew in from the Midland Region was twenty-five years old. He was a typical geek analyst and knew the ins and outs of all the computer systems. Japes worked him as best he could, establishing a quick relationship and attempting to decipher what happened. Although the geek couldn 't say officially what was wrong, he soon recognized the malignant software cleverly attached through the Internet

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