Sherlock Revealed: A Narrative Fiction

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Sherlock looked up from his email to see Greg Lestrade standing in front of him, a seductive smile on his lips.
"What do you think? Greg asked, moving from the changing rooms door frame to stand in front of a shocked Sherlock. "Sexy enough?"

Sherlock couldn't help but slowly drag his eyes down his new boyfriend's body. Greg look amazing. His muscular build was almost visible through the see-though white button up he was wearing, and he had rolled up the sleeves to show off his tan forearms.

Sherlock's gaze traveled lower to his pants.
"Want me to spin?" Greg asked. Sherlock nodded. They were dark blue jeans that hugged his arse and thighs nicely.

Sherlock slipped his phone back into his pocket and walked over to Greg.
"It's nice, very …show more content…

"He takes them on dates, and kills them."
"But how, and why?" Greg asked.
"I don't know yet, but he's dangerous, five people have been found dead, if you walk in there with your police clothes and handcuffs, he'll kill you. We have to play his game."

All Greg would have to do was slip the thiopental into his drink and the man would tell them everything they needed to know. Sherlock had spent hours working Mycroft down enough to give him some of the "truth telling" drug.

John and Sherlock had insisted that Greg do the flirting because Greg was good with people. Sherlock had also made the point that Greg was the more attractive man in their relationship. Greg had disagreed with the second part of that statement, but he couldn't deny that he had better people skills.

So they went shopping. Sherlock couldn't tell exactly what the man was into, but all the men he flirted with had a few certain thing in common. They were dressed well, and their clothes showed of many various parts of their bodies. Sherlock would be damned if he didn't fall for Greg completely, maybe he wouldn't even want to kill him. He was …show more content…

"I got to head in. Wish me luck!"
"We'll be in right behind you." Sherlock said, giving the suddenly nervous Greg's hand a squeeze.

Donovan and John we're going to go into the pub with Sherlock and 'hang out' just in ears reach of Greg and the killer. When the drug was in his system, Sally would be ready with the handcuffs.

After a few seconds of waiting outside, they wandered into the bar, pretending to look for a nice place to sit before situating themselves at a table next to Greg.

John and Donovan went into a carful conversation, making sure they could still hear Greg when they needed to. John tried to get Sherlock in on the conversation too, but he was to busy watching Greg.

Their suspected killer was getting way to close to Greg for Sherlock comfort. He had placed his hand on top or Greg and their knees were touching under the table.

"Let my buy you a drink." Greg offered smiling at the man.
"Oh, no. I don't want to be drunk before the night is half over. Let's talk for a bit." Sherlock rolled his eyes, glancing at John, this was going to take a while.

While Greg and the man seemingly 'hit it off' Sherlock and his party ordered

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