Shifa Alternate Ending

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Completely lost in her own world, Shifa raised her face and shook it lightly. With scrunched eyes, she laughed as the rain cascaded down splashing the water everywhere.
Leaning on the main door of the haveli with arms crossed on his chest, Azlaan observed Shifa's childish behavior from far under the shelter. He preferred the indoors when it rained. Rain was bad news. Whenever his life took an ugly turn, these treacherous showers were his witness. The cloudburst was his lifelong enemy, constantly reminded him about the miseries of his cursed life.
However today, he felt different. The heaviness, which burdened his heart from this weather was missing somehow. Maybe, because he was not alone to face it.
As he glanced towards Shifa's direction,
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The thing he envied the most in Shifa, and missed the most from his life. Carefreeness.
But regardless of that, everything was gradually changing after Shifa's arrival.
She was unintentionally diminishing the aches and hollowness from within him. He felt unusual, free as if she had liberated him from the evil of his cursed life. Her presence in his life was slowly healing that venom. She was restoring his faith in mankind, and in the process had mended his soul from the core.
How would he survive, after she finds out about his past? The very eyes, which holds nothing but devotion for him would change into revulsion. Even with all the good deeds, he was afraid, his redemption would never end.
Shifa's squeal of laughter brought him back to the focal point of his existence. She was moving her palms up and down, splashing the rainwater in all directions. Busy within her surroundings, she had failed to acknowledge the shivers that ran through her body from cold air, but Azlaan hadn't.
Enough was enough. Azlaan nodded his head slightly with
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As he took a few steps towards her, a loud thunder crackled in the sky.
The noise scared Shifa, breaking her into a run. She ran straight into Azlaan's arms and hid her face on his chest.
Habitually, he wrapped his arms around to shield her from the source of fear and felt her body tremble. Unable to bear her discomfort, he tightened his hold over her, but immediately regretted his actions. Her whole frame molded into his drenched form as if they were the exact parts of missing pieces of the puzzle. His heart started pounding inside his chest.
What was happening?
Her nearness invoked emotions in him that he never considered to be an option. This was wrong. He was her temporary guardian and that's all and these thoughts were in direct violation of his moral
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