Shirley Temple Black : American 's Little Darling

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Shirley Temple Black. American’s Little Darling. Child Star. This name is well-known and has been well-known for many generations. Shirley Temple came to be a quintessential child star of the 30’s and 40’s, the time during the depression. Shirley Temple gave the people at the time a type of distraction that gave the community a sense of uplifted spirits and a sense of happiness. This animated and vibrant young girl with golden blonde curls set the stage for the many other young child stars who wished to follow in her footsteps. Shirley Temple, who still to this day, can be argued as being the most influential child star in Hollywood history, died on Monday, February 10th, 2014. Shirley Temple, and her head full of blonde curls, to this day, remains loved by the hearts of millions. Shirley Temple Black was born in April of 1928 in Southern California. Her parents, George Francis Temple, a banker in Southern California and a businessman, and her mother Gertrude Amelia Krieger, walked hand in hand with Shirley Temple through her young years of fame. Many people who do not know the early years of Shirley Temple gawk in wonder of how such a young girl at the age of three could be so cherished and so wanted by so many of the top production companies of the time. Many people ask the question as to how this little girl developed her strong-head and outgoing personality, and whether it was forced upon her or developed on her own. There are three main trait theorists that accurately

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