Short Biography Of Gj Essay

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GJ is a 50 years old Haitian American male, born on February 15, 1967 in Brooklyn New York; he is 6 feet, 280 pounds, has brown eyes and grey hair. He is the middle child of 4. After birth, he spent one year in Brooklyn, then moved to Spring Valley for 6 years. After his sixth birthday, GJ moved to Nyack where he spent all of his childhood and adolescence. After he got married, GJ moved back to Spring Valley with his wife and children. He has been with his wife since 1985; they have 2 children, a boy and a girl, who are currently in college. GJ's father was a bishop and his mother, a pastor. His father passed away 4 years ago. GJ was fortunate enough to have two great leaders of God as his parents, who later had a great influence on him becoming the man he is today. GJ is currently a pastor and his church is located in Nyack, New York; "Pool of Bethesda."
Biological Factor GJ was born into a Haitian family at a normal birth weight in a clean and smoke free home. At age 3, he was healthy and very active; he was able to run, walk and played around with his siblings. One …show more content…

As a pastor’s child, GJ was constantly surrounded with other church members' children which allowed him to never have a dull moment. GJ also had 3 siblings who he was very close to, GJ was never alone; he was always around his siblings and other kids to play and communicate with. One would rather say GJ social childhood was impeccable. GJ mentioned at 3-6 his father used to never let him ride the bus to school; he would always drop him off and pick him up. However, at the age of 7 his father decided to let him ride the bus to school and from school, which Erik Erikson would describe as initiative vs. Guilt & shame; his father encouraged him and allowed him to gain his independence. GJ was surrounded by other church members children to play with

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