Gingerbread Momotaro Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered why fairy tales are always in vogue, even with their gory violence, shallow characters and unbelievable storylines? Look closely at them, you can find some sort of wisdom hidden underneath all that magic and drama. So don't fret when your child goes gaga over a perfect princess or takes after a naughty troll. Just help your child decipher the hidden values from such tales. These tales do not have any grey areas - the demarcation between right and wrong is crystal clear, so it is natural for a child to find it appealing. That is not all, many experts believe that fairy tales assist in your child's critical thinking. Moreover, the latest versions of these ancient tales come with toned down violence keeping the sensitivities of the current generation in mind. Here, we give you ten unusual fairy tales for your reading delight.

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Momotaro gets this strange name because his adoptive mother found him inside a giant peach floating on the river. Right from his young age, this brave little boy is destined to be a warrior. How he saves his village from the ogres with the help of his talking animal friends will be an engrossing read for your child. 7. Seven Wild Sisters by Charles de Lint
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Age - 8 to 13 Years

There is a good reason why pre teens prefer fantasy because, at times, it is easy to relate to fantasy than the real life. Born as a middle child with three sisters on either side, Sarah Jane enjoys nothing more than the remoteness of her aunt's farm. When she meets a fairy and unintentionally comes in between a war among the fairies, her loved ones are endangered. As wild as they seem, the sisters come together to go on an adventure and save the day.

8. The Magic Fishbone by Charles Dickens
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Age - 8 to 12

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