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Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! “What is someone doing calling at 2am” whispers Dave groggily as he wipes his eyes and picks up the phone. Yawning, somehow he manages to make something comprehendible come out of his mouth, “Hello? This is Dave speaking.” “Dave! This is Joe… your old roommate from college. How are you doing?” “I am doing fine.” says Dave thinking and thinking about who Joe is when suddenly he remembers. At that moment he groans but manages to put out a polite response, “What have you been up to? It has been a long time since I have heard you voice.” “Well, I travelled in from Chicago and was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime? Maybe we could grab a bite to eat, see a basketball game?” Dave…show more content…
To his surprise Joe is muttering about how he should have the free meals for life because he was behind Dave in line. In his last sentence he says that it is all Dave’s fault and then falls to eating his burger. Dave a little taken aback finishes his burger and looks at the time. Deciding that it is time to go he gets up and pulls a still fuming Joe behind him. They both get into the car and drive to the basketball game. Upon arriving they park the car, get out, and briskly walk towards the entrance. As they are walking up they notice some workers handing out raffle tickets. Just before Dave takes his raffle ticket Joe cuts in front of him and grabs the raffle ticket thinking that he deserves to go in first because Dave got the prize at mcdonalds. Dave then a little baffled walks in after him and takes a raffle ticket of his own. They head to their seats sit down just as the game is starting. At halftime Joe turns to Dave and murmurs that he is going to the restroom, gets up and leaves. A minute later an announcer goes onto the court and bellows into the microphone, “Everyone pull out your raffle tickets! We are about to call out the lucky winner. That winner will receive a prize of one hundred thousand dollars and court side season tickets for this basketball year.” While in the bathroom Joe hears the announcer talking and rushes to wash his hands. He barges through the restroom door and sprints down the hall while pulling his crumpled
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