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Gloomy, wet, and too dark to see a glimpse of light, is the only thing I see as I peer over the rusty handle bar on the starboard side of the boat on my way to India. Soldiers, young and small, old and tall, all bunch together as they stand silently for they knew what kind of battle they were about to fight in. I can sight General Pepper making his way on a podium to give a speech to motivate Privates and New Recruits. He stumbles a few times from the waves like artillery shells explode on the sides of the boat.
“If I see you discouraging our rookies I will have you relieved of duty!” Shot General Pepper in my face
As he steps on the podium, I silently pray that today won't be my last. I knew this was no ordinary mission. This is nothing …show more content…

Private Turner was gazing in awe towards General Pepper as he and I followed him, pushing forward and taking heavy fire. As I look back, I can see all of my comrades providing cover fire for one another as we all push forward.
I spot a tunnel system to my right and warned General Pepper about it. “Are you ready to fight with all you got Private” I questioned Tuner. He didn’t speak a word, but instead, he gives me an affirmative nod. I lead Tuner into the tunnel system while the General lead the rest of the army north. Tuner and I creep along the tunnel very stealth like. To my surprise, there are no Indian soldiers in our way, only a died one of ours.
Turner stared at the corpse and pointed out something in his pocket. “Look Morris, There is an animal’s hand or something in there!” I grab the monkey’s paw out of the pocket and examine it closely. For some reason I feel as if the paw has something really important to offer me, so I put it in my pocket. “Morris I think we should report to Pepper.” He hesitates. I simply ignore him and continue through the tunnel. We reach the end of the tunnel system and find an old, abandoned town.
“Where is everyone!?” I blurt. I, for some reason, feel a presence watching us. An old man with lots of wrinkles and a shiney lavalliere around his neck hiding in the shadow of a building. “Please, show yourself and we won’t hurt you.” I offered.
With a deep, low, and raspy voice, he states, “I am the old

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