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"FIND HER! BRING HER HOME!!" an anonymous voice shouted as the sun raised. "Yes alpha we'll find her, we'll find your daughter" a voice replied. Their voices slightly bounced off the rocks in the mountains "We need to find her!" Blake shouted at his pack with the sun behind him shining through the holes of the building. The pack members ran in different direction on a search to find Midnight. Everyone except Ava. Blake went to his room and as always it was a mess clothes everywhere bed never done but he sat on his bed and sighed. Ava sat next to him and put her hand on his shoulder “Why do you still wa...” Blake smacked Ava’s hand away cutting her off. “Don’t touch me” Blake shouted at Ava as he stood up looking out the window. “I’m sorry …show more content…

I hid behind a tree to see what's making the noise and I can see a rouge wolf. "He's probably looking for food" I thought but that quickly went away. I stalked behind him when he looked away sniffing the ground. I pounced on his back and I could feel him shaking as I was biting his neck having his brown fur in my mouth making me feel him shake under me. He slowly turned back into his human form and I let go of him. I looked down at him his breathing slowing down and a pool of blood around him getting bigger. I shifted back into my human form "You shouldn't have come onto my land you mutt" I smirked at him and I walked away leaving him. I don't feel anything over his death but it has calmed me down. For now. I felt so bad. I was on a hunt with everyone to find Midnight and I was with Luke my mate. I know exactly where Midnight is but I can't tell anyone I may no longer be in my old pack but I can't let Blake find Midnight. “Lucy?” Luke's soothing voice snapped me out of my thoughts and back to reality. He wraps his strong arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder “What's wrong?” he whispers in my ear. I let out a small sigh “it's nothing i was just thinking” I couldn't think of what to say. Even though Luke is my mate i haven't told him what pack i was from. “it's ok Lucy you don't have to tell me yet” he kisses my neck with his soft lips after speaking as he did i felt like we

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