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Opening my eyes, I was blinded by bright white lights. Where am I. How did I get here. Looking around, I noticed I was in a hospital with an IV drip in my arm. “Hello. Sir, are you awake yet? Hello?” she asked me. “Yea, I’m awake, how’d I get here?” “Well, a young hooded man called the hospital saying stuff about two men passed out in a car, and one of them was wounded. If you’re looking for your friend, he was in the cot beside yours. He’s been awake for awhile, wondering about how you were doing. If you want, I can tell him that he can come in here now,” she stated. I just gave a curt nod in reply. Without any hesitation, the man walked in with a worried look on his face. “Can you walk? To stay here would be to invite danger to regular …show more content…

Sprinting towards Zeb, barely getting a graze, Zeb turned around and kicked the blonde as hard as possible in the chest, effectively pushing him into the wall. “You have more power than I was expecting. I guess I won’t be bored with this battle,” the blonde said matter of factly. Ignoring him, Zeb flicked the air and made a hole in the blonde’s arm. “I have grown bored of you, I couldn’t even consider this playing. You should have thought more before you decided to attack someone of my class,” he said before flicking the air and making a hole in the blonde’s head. He walked over to him, and proceeded to rip his heart out then said, “Just to make sure that he doesn’t come back to pester us again.” Horrified, I slowly got out of the chair and stumbled a few times trying to get away, before he killed me next. How can I trust him, when he just murdered someone right in front of me. Maybe I could hide in the bathroom until he goes away. As if knowing I was in the bathroom, Zeb knocked gently on the door. “Jeffery, please come out, if I didn’t do that, then we both would’ve died, or worse. You can’t stay in there forever.” “I promise to get you whatever you want,” he begged, “I won’t know what to do without you here.” “How do I know you won’t kill me. I just saw you kill that guy without a care in the world. How am I supposed to trust someone like that. Any normal person would be wise to

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