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“How many times do I have to tell you to let go of me?!” She screams sharply, tugging and pulling violently against the secured fist gripped around her delicate wrists that were leaving ugly, purple bruises and cuts on her colorless skin. “Joohyun, you are in no position to speak like that to me? Have you forgotten your place? I am your only husband and the head of this household! You would be nothing without me and you do not forget your place!” A robust, bearded middle aged man barks vigorously at his much younger wife and slams her against the pointed corners of the jaded table. She whimpers in agony, feeling the penetrating rim poke her lower back, and she thumps ungracefully against the ash flooring of the master bedroom of the …show more content…

A gaunt, scrawny copper and silver haired old lady comes running up the staircase eagerly looking for her, and Joohyun almost sighs in relief when she sees it is only one of her servants, Hweya, whose family had been serving the Bae household for generations and generations before her. Almost. “Pardon to disturb you, Lady Bae, as it is very late in the evening, but Lord Jung Hoseok insists to see you. Instantly. He says it is very confidential and that you need to be spoken to as soon as possible.” Hweya trembles as the stinging breeze perpetrates brutally against her brittle frame, yet she still remains dignified in delivering a confidential message to her lady. She has seen Joohyun’s husband Woohyun wane and grow up, and will remain loyal to her dying breath to this family. Even Joohyun. “Lord Jung? Why then- Let him in and let him rest in our drawing room with warm, chamomile tea and the best loaves of butter bread we can serve him.” Lady Bae clears her throat as she quickly nods at her servant before promenading her way by the ledge of the sprawling staircase, looking down at the well furnished living room below her. “Of course, Lady Bae.” Hweya bows respectfully at her lady, before briskly stomping down the wooden steps and forwarding orders to other servants, butlers, guards and assistants in the manor. The padlocked, ferrous metal gate in the front

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