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Does anything in our reality truly exist? That is a question I find myself pondering on. It seems if you go to questioning things too much, you find loose ends that can't be tied up. I know what you're thinking, "Just stop questioning stuff." My line of work is all about questioning, I'm a detective. I question everything so that the loose ends can be tied up. Although you always have those mysteries that seem uncrackable. Like the case I'm investigating now. It was a Saturday morning in early fall. The overcast sky implied that it could storm at any moment. In Pendleton county the leaves had all changed colors and started falling off the trees.I was just called in to the station by the chief. I could tell by that, that it was something …show more content…

With what little information I gathered I went back to HQ. All of this murder was like what you would see on tv shows. It seemed to unrealistic to be true. I went and looked at the body myself. The chest wounds looked to be at least 2 inches deep and his face was unrecognizable. I didn't have many clues so I decided to go back to the crime scene. Going back to the murder scene itself, it's not hard to tell someone was here before him. Remembering the boot prints I follow to where I think they should lead. Finally, I find a weird shrine in the forest. A pentagram drew on a tree stump with candles at each point was covered in blood. Suspecting Satanism he heads back to HQ. Not knowing what to do, I starting looking into everything. So, by the look of the wounds it seemed like some kind of sacrifice. Sacrificing his own nephew, his own flesh and blood. To a possible fake deity. I went to the DA and explained it all to her. She said with this much evidence we should be able to prosecute them. So, with a search warrant I went back to the house. Entering the house was easy, finding him was the hard part. Everything was destroyed. There was a trail of blood leading from the bedroom to the back-sliding glass, then disappearing into the woods. Worrying that I was too late I rush into the woods. Passing the bloody tree where the Nephew was first found, I kept going. Not looking back to see if the other were behind me. With the stump insight,

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