Short Story : Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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A Short Story That Is Not So Short After All

Jamaica Kincaid wrote a short story called “Girl” that had many influential meanings to it. She spoke with honesty and with a format that was eye opening and different from others. She made the girl come to life by allowing the mind to fill in the blanks for anything she left out. Kincaid also wrote in a way that made each time reading it, a new thing to infer or attach to as a reader. She allowed so much emotion to take place and grasped the reader’s attention by every sentence she wrote in such an organized matter. There were certain aspects of this short story that she used to make “Girl” come together such as, imagery, setting, and point of view. With every sentence that Kincaid wrote she created an image in the reader’s mind, she also kept constructing the character by starting with simple sentences like “Wash the white clothes on Monday” (Kincaid 1) and wrapping it up by saying, “After all you are really going to be the kind of woman who the baker won’t let near the bread?” (Kincaid 42-43). By the last sentence the reader has their own appearance of who girl is and what her life is like as a grown woman, that has been given all of this advice. Kincaid wrote with a method that allowed the reader to imagine the parts that they wanted too, such as ethnicity, age, time period or in more detail, who is telling her this advice and what are their intentions? This short story was humble and complex at the same time. Her sentence

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