Short Story : ' Just A Regular Coffee '

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Cheyenne Tordsen Exercise 1 Just A Regular Coffee “Today,” Audrey whispered to herself as she opened the heavy wooden door to Carol Sisters Coffee. The scent of fresh coffee overpowered that of the bouquet she was carrying. The room was darker than usual from the lack of natural light coming in because of the rain, but the hanging lights imitating candles did a fine enough job. Audrey did love this shop because of how homey it was. “Good morning! Same order as usual, Audrey?” the barista asked from way over at the counter, rocking one headphone in and one headphone out so she could still hear the door ring. Audrey nodded. Audrey Robinson was a creature of habit. She routinely wore very similar knitted sweaters—neutral colors so she …show more content…

“I brought you some flowers because I heard you complaining that you didn’t have enough to paint back at home.” Virginia looked up and smiled. “Why thank you. I haven’t gotten many flowers since Tom died.” “I hope you like them. I didn’t know what kinds you liked. I just noticed you wear a lot of colors so I went with—” “I don’t believe in favorite colors; it’s so rude to pick just one. That’s why my favorite color is the rainbow,” Virginia said. “Right, well, I don’t want to distract you from your work…” “Stay seated, dear.” Virginia took a sip of her tea. “It’s not as if I have anywhere to go.” After bombarding Virginia with repeated “are you sure’s,” Audrey decided to stay put. “It’s been a while since we talked,” Virginia said. “You always look so focused on your painting. I would hate to take you away from that.” “You sound like my daughter.” “Oh, you have a daughter?” Audrey asked. “Only one,” she responded. “Her name is Lily.” “Well, it’s good I gave you some lilies then.” “They’re lovely. That’s why I named her after them.” “I wasn’t aware that you had a daughter,” Audrey brought up again. Virginia went back to drawing, but continued the conversation. “Most people don’t. You know, it seems like after Tom died everyone forgot that I even was married.” “Well you don’t tell most people that you were.” “I don’t tell most girls that I was,” she said. “Are you

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