Short Story : Lincoln's War

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Lincoln had been lying on his bed after breakfast, thinking that if they wanted to dish out another deadly test to him, they would have to do it in his cell. The two girls had done likewise. He was almost daring them to do something because if the test doesn’t kill him, this monotony probably will. No books, television, computer, phone etc. to use meant that all he could do was lie back and try and find something to do. He was about to give up and nod off, when he heard a scraping noise coming from in the main room. Getting up and moving to the doorway, he saw Milyn dragging the table across the room to the wall. Adhra had also come to her doorway to see what was going on. The two just stared as Milyn next placed a few chairs on the …show more content…

No one had been in there since they laid his body to rest, so it was somewhat alarming. Also this cell was on the opposite side of the main room from them. All three of them stopped and waited. Lincoln was walking over to the cell when they saw what was causing the buzzing noise. From the small gap between the top of the door and the roof came four small drones. Lincoln was used to drones from his army days, but he had never seen anything like these. Firstly they only had one propeller on top which seemed to swivel to manipulate direction. The main body of the drone was shaped like a very large bullet with a hole at the pointy end. Lincoln watched them closely. The bullet shaped body turned and swivelled in various ways, but the movements showed purpose. It looked like they were being controlled from outside. The four drones, moved to four equidistant corners of the room and stopped about level with the pipe at the top of the wall. The bullet shaped bodies then turned inwards and faced towards the centre. By this stage, Lincoln was starting to move back towards the girls. He had only made a couple of steps when he found out just what these things did. A beam of light shot out of the nearest one. Fortunately Lincoln was staring right at it and instinctively dropped to the ground when he saw the beam. The result was that it grazed his shoulder. The pain was quite

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