Short Story : ' Lost '

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Lost is what I am. Lonely is my friend. Faith is my enemy. No one is my family. Ugly, fat, loser, and idiot are my names. They’ll give me another one tomorrow. Day after day, I’m always given a different name. They never call me by my real name, Basil. I’m an 8th grader that goes to Halfhill Middle School. I’ve been called fat, ugly,and worthless. I’ve been cutting for 4 months now. I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m just lost.

Life hasn’t been the greatest lately. Every night screaming, and banging noises fill up my house. Constantly I pray I’m not next. My dad is abusive, but no one knows. First he goes for mom. Next, is my older brother, Jake. Then, it’s me. I have bruises and scars that I have to hide in public. People ask me why I never let them come over… I’m afraid they’ll get hurt, or judge me even more. I can’t risk that.

Beep, beep, beep. My alarm’s ringing. I slowly slump across the room to shut it off. Time for another day of despair, and misery. I quickly throw my clothes on and sprint out the door, so my dad doesn’t see me. I walk to the bus stop, where ignorant kids await to mock me like every other day. I slowly approach the crowd, staying behind them. I don’t want to draw any attention. The bus creaks as it arrives at the bus stop. Creeaak. We all pile into the bus. Being my clumsy self I trip over the bus step. Everyone lets out a giggle. I search for an empty seat only to see that there are none. There’s only two seats with room for…

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