Short Story : My Grandma Matley

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My Grandma Matley is a big part of my life. She has been there through all of it with me. This was the biggest thing she has ever done for me. When my parents got a divorce, I shut myself in a shell that I would not leave. I would not smile, I could not sleep well, and I would cry all the time. Through all of it my grandma was just there giving me hugs and kisses and taking care of me after school. She would make me hot chocolate to try to get me to smile and let me sit in her bed in her arms and let me watch as much t.v as long as I wanted and she would just stay there as long as I needed. One day after school at my grandma’s pale blue and pretty neat house. My grandma has always been very good at telling when people are upset and I knew that she knew. Once I was done with my homework my grandma came up to me and she asked me,’’ Sweetheart do you want to talk?’’ I slowly turned my head to her and gulped very quietly,’’yes.’’ In my head I knew what was about to happen. I knew she was going to take me to her bedroom and want to talk to me. ‘’Okay, Then let's go talk on my bed,’’ grandma insisted, waving her hand in a come here motion, ‘’just us.’’she said walking toward the room. I just followed her into the room and saw her waiting for me and patting the blanket and saying,’’Come here sweetie, it will be just us talking.’’she calmly smoothed the blanket on the bed. I just stood there staring at her and in my head I was thinking

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