Short Story Of Savages

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A calming voice washed right over my mind as I drifted into a dream like state. Ferns grew around me, surrounding my body. The moderately comfortable couch beneath me turned into a hard dirt ground littered with rocks that dug into my knee, scraping over the scarred tissue. The humid air relaxed me but the thought what could come brought me straight back into a pit of fear. Smoke began crawled around my throat and began choking my already short breaths. The flames around me destroyed the beauty of the forest, consuming the perfect paradise. Yellow and orange expanded throughout the sky, ripping through the perfect blue day. Soon I would probably be engrossed by the blaze, if I am not found by the savages first. I fear what they will do to…show more content…
I’ll probably die in this unwelcoming place that is supposed to ‘fix me’. “Are you having a flashback?” a nurse spoke calmly, but I was too dyspneic to answer, “Ralph, breathe deeply, you are okay.” His words though reassuring did the opposite. After all these years here I know I won’t ever be okay. My innocence was corrupted by Jack, whom I wouldn’t even consider a human being after what he did to me. He ravaged my existence on that island and as a result destroyed what I could have been. I know I can’t change what happened but what if? What would I have become if it wasn’t for those disgraceful psychopaths desolating me? I’ll never know and never find out because I have become nothing. I am a shell of what I was before then, even after all these years I have not recovered. They call me sick and say that it’s not my fault, but it could be. I didn’t have to become independent of Jack, and I should have just followed him blindly and not been so devoted to that stupid signal fire.
“Why, why. Why did I do this!” I shouted as reality breezed back into my life. I am completely irrational and fixate on these irrelevant details, about choices I could have made better. I am tired of being a non functioning human being, I don’t want to need help anymore, and I just want to live alone and be independent for once since Then. Voices of those trying to help are pushed to the back of my mind as nothing can truly help and I am aware of that now.
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