Short Story Of 'The Art Of The Eagle'

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The Art of the Eagle

Usually during the months of September to November, the story of the sun’s production is beloved by many. The story of the sun started in these exact months, but the sun didn’t always have its glowing array. There is only one who knows the true beginning of the magnificent light that beams upon our world today, the Eagle.
The Eagle, known for its bravery, beauty, and patriotic symbols. The natives that lived in the land near the Eagle’s nest would worship it, they would give life for it, they believed it would cure all the evil that was and would come into the world.
One afternoon, a woman of about 70 years, hiked up the great mountain, there she would stand on the highest peak and speak with the Eagle. She often wondered about the sun, she regularly would gaze into its blinding ray and let the warmth of it embrace her. As she and the Eagle spoke for awhile, she asked, “how did the sun come to be?” Why does it shine so brilliantly?” The Eagle then turned toward the sun and smiled, “I am quite glad you asked.” As the Eagle began to tell the legendary story, the woman was already in aw. “If you have ever studied the sun, you’ll see that it is the color of fresh corn from our view.” “Yes, but how did it become that way?” the woman asked.
“There is another who can tell you that part of the story” the Eagle said. “But who and where do I find him?” the woman answered with bewilderment. “You’ll find him where the land meets the water below the mountain.”

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