Short Story On The Forest

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I start running toward the forest. I am shaking as I run, I don’t know what the forest holds, we have always been forbidden to go there. Mannix got caught in there once and he refuses to talk about what he saw in there. I consider if it would be better to be dead or face the forest. The thought leaves as quickly as it came as I fell Alaric’s hand pull me forward. We come up along the edge of the forest. Behind us, we hear explosion after explosion. I glance behind me. “Guys look,” I say barely able to get the words out. Alaric and Mannix stop and we all turn around. The whole town is gone. Houses are now replaced by burning balls of fire. Grass and trees now blackened. We didn’t see a single other person or building. Once busy streets were now void of activity. We could see where our school was supposed to be, it was gone. For a moment we mourned together, knowing if it had not been for the sickness that overtook our house, we would have been at school, and we would be dead. I wonder if I would ever see my parents again. “Come on,” Aleric said as he pulls Mannix and me into the woods. I am too worried and shocked to be scared of what the forest holds. What will we do? Where will we live? How will we survive this? I am only eight years old, Mannix only 9, even Aleric the oldest is only 13, how are we supposed to survive something like this? How long do we have, how are we going die? I can’t believe I am asking these questions. Chapter 3 I wake with a

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