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The smattering of rain on the roof overhead calms me, beating out an irregular rhythm like an anxious child unconsciously tapping his foot. The dim glow of my phone screen washes over me as I wait for the light to return, cut off by the flash flood inducing rain. I look around, and sigh; yet again, the lights on the ceiling are blank, leaving me with nothing to shield myself from the impending darkness. My thoughts are tinged with the faintest sense of distress. Childish, I know, but the last echoes from my childhood fear of the dark still whisper in my ear, pointing out the oddly humanoid shapes in the corner, or the closet door suspiciously left ajar, despite my memory telling me that it had been closed the last time I’d looked. …show more content…

With the crisp taste of a chilly autumn’s night in my mouth, I watch the still-glowing horizon as the last vestiges of light fade away. The sky displays a gradient of diluted yellow on the horizon, to a more striking royal blue. Several wispy clouds float lazily along the border of my peripheral vision, melting into the background of the darkening sky. The clouds look oddly similar to the clumped fur of the dog padding slowly across the field in front of me, ears perked and haunches raised. Stopping for a brief second, he lowers his head, and his jaws delicately envelop a pinecone he’s found. Unsatisfied, he drops the cone offhandedly, and scampers away, in search of some long forgotten scent. A rabbit, a mouse, even another dog - neither I nor my dog know, yet he carries on in pursuit of the unknown. I admire this; perhaps my pet is more intelligent than I. Snorting to myself at the thought, I shift my focus back towards the rapidly approaching night sky. It’s noticeably darker now, the navy blue starting to sink into the sky, pressing down upon the wallpaper yellow like a moonlit sumo wrestler who knows he’s won. Next to the last vestiges of muted sepia just above the horizon, the breeze plucks several leaves from a tree branch like grapes off the vine, which dance their way back to the Earth. The trees themselves are almost barren, hands reaching towards

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