Short Story : ' The Killer Looks Like A Man '

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A shrill screech of sheer terror invades my ears and I have to blink my eyes several times to process where the noise was coming from. I look outside my window and can see two figures in the woods beside my house, one is lying on the floor and the other is leaning over the one o`n the floor holding a knife and stabs it maliciously into the other one. I scramble for my phone and dial the police while frantically locking all the windows and doors in the house. "Hello, 911 what 's your emergency?" "Someone has just stabbed someone in the woods beside my house." I answer shakily and tell her my address. The woman asks me to describe what the killer looks like to her "The killer looks like a man, has short dark hair, looks tall-ish and athletic from what I can tell." I answer while gnawing on my fingernails. The man turns around and looks in the direction of my house and makes his way towards it. I back away from the window so he 's no longer in eye sight as if that 's magically going to stop him. "H-He 's making his way towards the house." I whimper on the phone. The lady calmly tells me to find a place to hide incase he tries to break in. Anxiety overwhelms me as i rack my brain for a place to hide. I remember all the times when I was little and would play hide and seek and I would be found first. Life or death hide and seek. Great. I feel my breathing getting quicker. Now is definitely not the time to be hyperventilating. I should be hiding. I hear a window

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