Short Summary : The Struggle Between Exeter And Oley County

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In 2006, several acres of field lay between Exeter and Oley township. The farmland had been passed down through the retiring farmer’s family for generations. As the farmer prepared for retirement however, he had no family to whom he could pass down his farm. Thus a conflict arose as to what should become of the land. The township wanted to buy it from the farmer and turn it into an upper class residential housing. The school district wanted to buy the land and build a new elementary school. The farmer wished to preserve the farmland but felt pressured to sell his field to the township or the school district because it was moniteralily more beneficial than selling to a local farmer. This is the story told from the perspective of the…show more content…
The district saw the location of the field to be perfect for the construction of a new school because it was boarded on nearly all sides by residential neighborhoods with school age children and it was in a area of the town that was not prone to violence or crime. the school district's point of view came from a social perspective as their decision was based on what would be best for the education of their society.
The farmer had been raised to believe that land should be preserved and protected from industrialization and urbanization. he loved his famer but know he needed to sell in order to have a say in what became of it. He wanted take the offer of a local farmer offering to buy his farm and preserve it for agricultural use but he felt pressured by the greater monetary offers of the school district and the town. He knew both parties had more authority however and there trying to find a loophole in the law allowing them to have the final saw in what becomes of the land. HIs perspective is both cultural and economic because his viewpoint comes from the values he was raised to hold but his decision is blurred by economic dilemmas. My father incidentally worked for the school district as a middle school principal. He understood the school’s motivation although he feared any destruction of the field for any means. He and my mother chose to live there because it was partly surrounded by forests and fields, out of the way of bustle trafic and loud
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