Should America Adopt A New Perspective?

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Should America Adopt a New Perspective There are dangers and advantages to America adopting a multicultural perspective. Adopting the multicultural perspective would affect the characteristics of social groups, organizations, social stratification, and the current class system in the United States (Moffitt). I believe that there are more dangers than advantages to adopting a new multicultural perspective in America. There are many different characteristics that go into the different cultures which in adopting so, this can complicate the social structure. There are numerous different aspects that go into cultural perspective such as sexuality, deviance, race, gender, social stratification, and global stratification. The multicultural perspective recognizes the potential affect that various social and cultures such as age, race, gender, social status, and others, may have on behavior. Dictating this behavior can lead to dangers that could potentially happen. However there are numerous advantages in adopting a multicultural perspective such as social classes being more exceptive of all cultures. However there are still going to be groups that discriminate based on sex, race, and beliefs. The social stratification for the United States of America is stratified into social classes based on wealth, income, educational attainment, occupation, and social networks (Boundless). There are three basic social classes in the United States. You have the upper class, middle class, and the

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