Should Capital Punishment Be Effective?

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Capital punishment is constitutional as long as the death penalty is pain free, however, there is a huge controversy about whether the use of execution drug is constitutional or unconstitutional in light of the Eighth Amendment. The Eighth Amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing " cruel and unusual" punishment and there are arguments about drug injections as not being effective enough to sedate or anesthetic a person until death.() Lethal injection became popular around the late twentieth century as a form of execution intended to replace other methods, notably hanging, electrocution, firing squad,beheading, and gas chamber, which were considered to be more painful. Lethal injection is now the most common form of execution in the United States of America.() Typically, lethal injection involves three drugs, Sodium Thiopental which is anesthetic that puts the inmate to sleep within 30 seconds, Pancuronium Bromide which is a paralytic that stops breathing, and Potassium Chloride which stops the heart.() The first drug is intended to make the inmate unconscious, so that he does not feel any pain. The second drug paralyzes him, stopping his breathing; the third and final drug, potassium chloride, stops his heart. On average it took 8.4 minutes for a person to die in the process of lethal injection, however when Europe and Asia cut supplies from United States, U.S. had to turn to compounding pharmacies.() Compound pharmacies synthesize drugs intended for…
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