Should Cell Phones Be Used For Clinic Purposes?

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Internet & Phone Usage Clinic computers should be used for clinic purposes only. Cell phones should not be used unless it is urgent, at which point scribes are asked to take calls or text in the break room or an area away from patients and providers. *Medically-relevant phone applications such as Epocrates, Micromedex, apps from Medical Joyworks LLC., Orca Health, etc. may be used as a reference for looking up drug or other pertinent health information. Please use your best judgment in determining whether the application is medically-relevant and only access the application when instructed by the provider to do so. Scribes will also have access to on clinic computers. Food & Drink Eating/drinking must occur in the break room …show more content…

Scheduling & Attendance Each month, scribes are asked to turn in availability by a given date in order to be scheduled. The Clinical Director may ask scribes for availability that differ from those listed on the scribe application based on the need of the clinic. Scribes that do not turn in their monthly availability will not be scheduled. All scribes should arrive 5 minutes early for their shifts. Scribes are asked not to leave a shift early unless the Clinical Director is notified or if the provider with whom they are working no longer needs assistance and there is no extra assistance needed by the clinic staff. If a scribe is ill, they must notify the lead scribe and clinical director as soon as possible and when possible send a message to other scribes ( to attempt to cover the shift. Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic understands that school is a priority for scribes and as such will be flexible on the monthly availability. With this in mind, student scribes are expected to consult their syllabi prior to turning in their availability to help avoid any scheduling conflicts that may arise. Employee/Volunteer Evaluation Scribes will be expected to attend an evaluation at least once per year or as the Clinical Director or Lead Scribe deems necessary. These evaluations are meant to provide feedback to the scribes regarding their performance in the program.

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