Should Cheating Be More Informed About Cheating? Essay

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Shift in Relationships Nearly everyone has deal with cheaters throughout their life. Cheating has occurred for decades in a variety of ways, for when they attended school, at a workplace, or most importantly in relationships. Cheating has converted to a norm in our society with technology making it easier to cheat. People should be more informed about cheating, for it can guide in a way to decrease infidelity. People should know how society norms have changed, who has a higher chance to cheat, why people cheat, and how to prevent cheating. In the first twenty century female and male were expected to be the “perfect family”. For instance, female would be staying at home wife’s role included to clean the house, get involved with the children, and cook dinner; the females were not allowed to work. The husband role was to arrives home they are not supposed to talk to their spouse about anything just feed the husband and they sleep. Because the husband had a hard day at work doesn’t need to get involved with the children life it’s not part of what being a husband definition. That was considered to be the perfect family. If they get cheated on they could not say anything about it since they care about with the family friends and others had to say about what had occurred. They would have to stay married until death. As the shift in society has changed so has the husband and wife definition has changed now husband and wife. women

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