Should Driving Age Stay At 16 Research Paper

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Driving age at 16 I am going to state my opinion and Facts about why the driving age should stay at 16 years old. The driving age should stay at 16 years old because it lets teenagers have freedom,it lets them help their parents out, and it also helps with transportation.If the driving age gets raised up to 18 years old then a lot of people are going to get mad.If the driving age changes then they are taking away the life 16 year old have been waiting for their whole live. Now i am going to talk about every reason i just gave you Guys. The driving age should stay at 16 because it gives teens freedom. It gives teens freedom because if they don't want to be around there parents they can just leave and go hang out with there friends. If the …show more content…

You can't take something away from teens they have been waiting their whole lives for. A lot of people will be mad at everyone for raising the driving age. On the counterclaim side if the driving age is raised to 18 then it will save young lives.On Average about nine teens ages 16-19 are killed everyday from car wrecks. If it's raised to 18 then there won’t be as many teens ages 16 and 17 killed in car wrecks. A lot of teens lose their lives a year do to car accidents. On average about 6,000 teenagers die a year due from car wrecks. So that's why it might be a good idea. According to( DRIVE-SAFELY.NET) “ A sixteen year old is almost twice as likely to die in a car crash then a 30 year old.” If the driving age is raised how are 16 year olds going to learn how to drive? The answer is they can’t because they can't learn to drive better if the age is raised to 18 years old. Teenagers get in a lot of wrecks due to their phones. So i think Instead of raising the age i think they should make a no phone while driving law. That will also help with not having as many

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