Should Gambling Be Legal?

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Gambling, is often described as a simple form of entertainment, this form of entertainment has become an extreme of uncontrollable behavior to many people. There are many terms that describes a person who over use gambling, which include pathological gamblers, gambling addicts, or compulsive gamblers (Gamblers Anonymous International Service Office , 1957). One reason that the terms are being used is due the development of legalized gambling and an abundance of people are gravitated to the chances of winning money. Considering that gambling is legal, the growth has led to many people to attempt to gamble. While most people gamble would gamble for fun and have no adverse effects, the amount of addicted gamblers has increased in the casino environment.
An individual who gambles typically will gamble to receive extra funds to support their cost of living. When gambling first began in Egypt people would play for fun and would play various board games, which progressed forward to Knucklebones from which dice were derived from in Greece and India (Dunstan, 1997). In England; roulette was introduced into along with card playing. Combining cards and dice the United States adopted the two and by two decades later gambling became more prominent. In 2001 the amount of revenue totaled up to $27 billion in 2001 (Banker, 2003). Prior to the early 1990s, Banker (2003) also noted that casino gambling was legal only in Nevada and Atlantic City, N.J. The riverboat…

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