Should Governments be Punished for War Crimes?

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Eagles of Mitsubishi: the story of the Zero Fighter. Washington, DC: University of Washington Press, 1992.) These were the words of the man who invented Mitsubishi A6M Zero, which is a fighter aircraft that was used by the Japanese in world war two. When he invented it, he didn’t mean for it to be used as a weapon to hurt people, but in the contrary, it was designed and built to be useful in the most harmless of ways for all individuals alike. World war two left all nations with so many pains and some of these pains are unforgettable. If any ordinary person thought about war, Slavery will not come through their minds, because when anybody hears the word "War" the first thought that comes through their minds is Pain, Bloodshed, Death, Army, and so on, and so on. Slavery during war carries a whole new meaning of being imprisoned. Many countries hurt other countries and the best way to hurt a country severely is by killing the most important thing in it, which is their "People". Some countries were punished for the crimes that they have committed against humanity. So the question is "Should Governments Still be Punished for the Crimes that were committed during wars?"
The first person that comes to our minds when we think of world war two would be Adolf Hitler. After all, he was the reason behind the deaths of more that 5.5 million person worldwide in the Second World War (1929-1945). And the most notable…
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